New Course: Superhuman Civilization

A historical look at human biological enhancement over the last 200 years.

Advertisement for HIST 2780: Superhuman Civilization. Features artwork by Sarah A King. All text repeated on website.This course is designed for undergraduates from across the university. While we will take primarily a historical approach to the topic of human biological enhancement, we will engage with readings and questions from a variety of academic disciplines, including science, medicine, computer science, philosophy, film studies, and literature. The course meets daily for approximately 5 weeks.

Areas of concentration for history majors: U.S. and Science, Medicine and Technology. Eligible for credit for Medicine, Health & Society (MHS) majors. AXLE Credit: Perspectives [P]

Interested in the course? Have questions or suggestions on readings or topics? Leave a comment  below or send me an email.

Tentative syllabus for HIST 2780: Superhuman Civilization (Summer 2018):