Danielle PicardDanielle R. Picard is a Ph.D. candidate in Modern European history under the direction of Drs. Celia Applegate and Alistair Sponsel. My research interests include the history of science, science communication, history of the body, and the digital humanities. My dissertation examines the development of industrial psychology as a scientific discipline in Great Britain and its relationship to contemporary issues of labor, scientific discourse, and the history of the body in interwar Europe.

Like many historians, my interests stem from my pre-graduate school days. I graduated from Rollins College with a double major in history and psychology, and I worked for several years in the technology sector as a programmer and website/graphics designer before beginning my graduate work. These backgrounds feed into my interests in examining the creation of scientific disciplines and the digital humanities.

For the last four years, I have served in the Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching as a Senior Graduate Teaching Fellow and a Teaching Affiliate. Previously, I served as Vanderbilt’s HASTAC Scholar for the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy (2013-2014), where I blogged about digital humanities projects. I received the Meyers Graduate Teaching Award and Willson Coates Book Prize for research.

You can find me on twitter @DRPicardHIS.